Plasma Sword

Powerful and cool sword

weapon (melee)

Deals xdFuckload of damage

Save or die? Save or limb lost?


Fiction has often been the leader of innovation.

A variety of these blades exist, depending on the cost of the technology implemented. The cheapest versions will have a cord running out the bottom of the hilt to a large external power source, worn on the user as a pack, satchel, or is occasionally built into an article of clothing or armor worn on the arm or leg. The cheapest power sources will also have a very finite run time.

All plasma swords require a gas which is stored internally or in an attached container, or it is collected from the atmosphere during the “draw.” Cheaper units will have a very lengthy draw time, even taking minutes to “warm up” and reach full extension if it is a “collector” model.

Due to the way the magnetic fields that contain the plasma work, it creates resistance which can be felt as a sort o f inertia. Plasma swords are hard to swing at a fast speed unless the user is fairly strong or they are competently trained to use their momentum alongside maneuvers. Some of the cheaper models can lose containment of the plasma if the blade is moved at too high of a speed. Additionally, skilled psi users are capable of manipulating the field to swing faster and with less resistance.

Depending on the state of the plasma sword’s magnetic field polarity, it may be possible for a wielder to either intercept or repel blaster bolts. On blocking a blaster bolt, a huge amount of heat dissipates in the immediate vicinity of the point of impact. Small blaster bolts from pistols and rifles will create an uncomfortable warmth. Fully automatic repeaters or larger bolts from installations and ships will heat the immediate area to dangerous levels. The polarity of a plasma sword’s magnetic fields are determined at creation and reversing it is typically difficult and time-consuming process, though very advanced models may include a quick switch device.

The cheapest units also have side effects that can be hazardous, small arcs of lightning can spark from the blade, especially when struck. Some models will also lose the tip of the blade occasionally, though if equipped with a high quality collector it might be replenished almost instantly.

Finally, only the finest units have intelligent heat adjustment. A cheap model tuned to burn through metals may also immolate the wielder. If equipped to work underwater they may also boil the liquid surrounding the user. Some require fine-tuning such that re-configuring it might take hours.

Lightsaber color depends on the gas used.


Plasma Sword

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