Rain Planet

Spacestation _

Tron cpu world
Placeholder until complete
-Any designs are possible
-Huge number of realms, AI can allow an entry
-Some Tron stylings default
-Normal places are entirely safe
-Hacking gets into dangerous to user areas
-Sometimes user chooses their entity, sometimes they don’t, surpassed by high skills


Short Version

Mankind has reached the stars.

Long Version

The changes began after the first true AI was created.

grows, fixes problems, helps humanity reach a golden age,

It quickly created autonomous units which lacked it’s sophistication, but still possessed incredible capabilities. These roaming lesser-AI
gave the AI perspective. Each was programmed differently and presented unique personalities.

The first colony was Luna which was largely built through automated mining of the asteroid belt. Elaborate stations were managed by AI.

Spacestation by Earth

Spacestation by Mars
Space station Asteroid Belt

warp tech to nearest stellar systems
3rd time’s a charm, found gate

Space station by first extrasolar terrestrial colony
Extra solar colony
Desert Planet
Rain Planet

WW3 – Last Generation of Mortal Men
Earth Satellite Colony
Moon – ai revolution
Mars –
AI Warp – ai only tale, accidents, problems
Slipgate – oops



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