The Space Campaign
The title needs some work I realize. Here is the timeline/background for the campiagn.

2012 AD Space exploration and travel becomes privatized allowing corporations world wide to make the initial steps for interplanetary voyages and colonization.

2015 AD Earth deploys first orbital facility with manufacturing and long term residency capability.

2030 AD Mars is colonized by joint corporations and multinational support.

2047 AD Physicist Dr. Zachariah Cline successfully tests an inertialess field generator that will allow space craft to reach and exceed the speed of light with newly developed fusion engines. Per the wishes of Dr. Cline the device’s schematics are made available to all mankind in an unprecedented act of altruism. First interstellar voyages are planned by a variety of corporations.

2050 AD Via the use of star ships equipped with new and improved models of ‘Cline Field’ generators, Alpha Centauri is colonized by Earth. The Colony renames the planet ‘Centauri’

2062 AD Initial landings for colonization are made by Earth in the Wolf 359 System. The planet is renamed ‘Wolf’. Global conditions of population and diminishing resources on Earth spur unprecedented colonization voyages. Most of this
is due to the prospect of finding resource rich virgin worlds to exploit for profit. New agencies are rapidly created in an effort to administrate this interstellar ‘land grab’ but are largely ineffective. The ‘Gold Rush’ to space begins.

2285 AD The area that will become known as the Old Frontiers is settled. Corporations with deeper pockets and more advanced vessels head for better prospects away from the civilian colonization efforts. Wealthier private efforts also move out into largely unexplored regions. Many of these efforts are lost never to be seen again. Like the exploration of North America by the pioneers of old the journey into the blackness of space was wrought with dangers and indigenous peoples. During this time Humankind makes contact first with the An Phar. The initial contact is favorable and information exchanges are quickly underway. This first contact precedent continues with other species encountered; Sparrials and the Irari. All the races encountered were space faring races but had not yet developed dependable FTL travel. The inhabited worlds of the Old Frontier form a loose coalition built mostly on trade and mutual protection agreements. No unified military as each world protects itself or has agreements with other worlds or mercenary groups for defense. Earth’s name as a planet and a people becomes ‘Terra’ and ‘Terran’ respectively when referred to in the now Galactic Society.

2370 AD The areas of space known as Corporate Worlds and the Confederacy are settled. The Confederacy is the only group that has a functioning alliance of worlds. Membership requires a world to put resources towards the defense of the Confederacy. After initial early infighting amongst its members it stabilizes and becomes the first cohesive interstellar Navy. In the Corporate worlds sector there is no standing Navy only system defense vessels and planetary military is provided by security personnel.
During this time Terran expansion encounters and absorbs into its society a staggering variety of pre-interstellar races: Banduch, Cidi, Fasanni, Gerodian, Jaril, Liook Sujan, Memer/Saret, Pachekki, Purulu, Tree Folk, Tamile and the lowly Truul.
Some races encountered already were capable of Interstellar travel and had no wish to become part of the expanding territories of man. The Engai, an unbelievably advanced species contacted the first starships as they neared the space their homeworld occupied by way of advertisements. The Engai promised wonders in biotechnology previously undreamt of and a wealth of Galactic knowledge that spanned eons. They controlled only one world but had extensive knowledge of all intelligent life, including man and their advancements as they made their way into space. Another star-farring race encountered was no where near as ‘enlightened’ as the Engai. Several bloody massacres occurred as scouts and prospectors entered a certain area of space. At first, nothing was known about the aggressors. The ships that fell prey never made it out or had a chance to send a message before they were destroyed. Finally a garbled message and seemingly derelict vessel with one survivor put a name with the attackers; Gormelites. The Gromelites, or ‘Shaggies’ as they have come to be called, control a handful of independent worlds with no official governing body. Their society is very much like that of Terran Vikings or possibly motorcycle gangs. Once identified as a threat and combated, they were approached by various Terran interests and hostilities ceased. This mostly had to do with the fact they were mercenary fighters by trade, and the Terrans were offering to pay them to do violence.
The last starfarers, encountered at nearly the same time as the Gromelites, were the militant Kronin. Modern age Spartans these dour aliens were all business during first contact. It was discovered they controlled a number of worlds that they had settled or conquered. They assured Terran representatives they met with that they had no interest in attacking their worlds. The Kronin advised them that they were of an insufficient adversary and it would be dishonorable to attack. They did however let all Terran parties they spoke to know that they could be contracted as mercenaries, provided that they would not fight along side Gromelites whom they knew well.

2410 AD
As the vast galactic society expanded, merged and evolved conflict was inevitable. With no unifying authority among the old Frontiers and Corporation worlds, excesses by private security forces and individual power blocks would many times erupt into full fledged combat. Mercenary contractors and indigenous planetary forces began to stage attacks that escalated to a virtual state of war between the three sectors of Terran control. Not all worlds were involved in the conflicts, but all felt the effects. Like the conflicts of the former American old west self interest and greed fueled most of this. During these conflicts a stunning discovery was made; The long thought lost Terran colony ships had indeed found planets to settle. At the edge of the spiral arm of the galaxy a vast civilization had formed. The original colonists had separated along ideologies. One group had formed a Federation of worlds that had a unified economy, military and trade. The other a monarchy which controlled many worlds and controlled with with an iron fist the Phoenix Domain. Where in the Frontiers, Corporate and Confederacy sectors mankind had ‘relaxed’ its view on indentured servitude and slavery, the Federation was found to be free of all that. Its existence proving that mankind could succeed without compromising its values. The infighting among the terran sectors poised no threat to the unified Federation as it was well armed and already had a rival to contend with in the form of the Phoenix Domain.

2415 AD After five years of conflict amongst the three sectors and massive loss of life a sudden change brought the conflict to an abrupt end.
The Kaa invasion.
The Kaa as a race had been rumor and speculation in areas of Terran influence. The Gromlites knew of them, but would reveal only spotty information of their mysterious benefactors. The invasion came with no real warning.
Hitting first in the Old Frontiers sector the Kaa used the strategy that had worked for them so many times before when engaging, what they considered to be, ‘barely literate savages’. That was terror. Armed with biological weapons they loosed them on populations of planets thinking that in the face of such brutality it would cause other planets to surrender with little or no resistance. These tactics combined with a fleet of advanced starships and legions of Gromelite shock troops put the Terran forces on the immediate defensive. Weakened by the fighting with neighboring sectors an organized response was slow in coming allowing the Kaa to gain much ground quickly.
They met with success in the Corporate worlds as well. The only place their advance stalled was in Confederate space.
In the early months of the fighting in the Confederacy during the Kaa invasion an experienced Captain heading up a battle group was able to score the first victory against the seemingly unstoppable Kaa armada. By analyzing the attack patterns and the sensor readings preceding the attacks that had been launched thus far, he developed a counter strategy and way of anticipating the next Kaa attacks. Gambling on his theory he redirected the Battle Group that he commanded, countering the orders of his superiors. When the ships of his battle group secured from warp outside the Harlequin (Tallamatrix) system they discovered massive warp signatures of ships that had recently arrived and were concealing themselves from early warning sensor systems in the Ort cloud of the system. Using the cloud to his own advantage the battle group Captain scouted his enemy carefully determining the location of the main vessels. By carefully avoiding detection and targeting the capital ships first, the Kaa were attacked and in disarray very quickly. The smaller support vessels and fighters countered the bold terran ambush, but without the firepower of their cruisers and the dreadnought the battle was lost for the invaders.
Breaking protocol again the victorious captain broadcasted, in the open, the Kaa’s crushing defeat too all Terran controlled space.
His name was Donald Blagovich.

2417 AD News of the Kaa defeat at Harlequin travelled quickly across Terran space and beyond. Captain Blagovich was awarded the Confederate Order of Honor and promoted to Fleet Admiral. Wasting no time after receiving his new posting he went to work on formulating a plan for repelling the invading snakes.
The Kaa advance had not suffered any other significant delays in other sectors. It was clear to the Admiral that in order to stop and then rout this enemy the fragmented Terran sectors had to work together. The obstacles to this plan were profound. The Terran sectors of the Old Frontiers, Corporate and Confederacy had not agreed on joint cooperative effort since their inception. Blagovich knew the only way to get these rivals cooperating, before it was too late, was not through diplomacy. It would take guile and fear.
He addressed the weakest sector first; the Old Frontiers. While the fiercely independent sector made the Kaa pay for every landing they attempted, their lack of a unified space fleet was causing their remaining ships to be decimated. He needed a way to get the Frontier ships together and show them the benefit of cooperation with the Confederate forces. He accomplished this by taking his battle group into Frontier space and modifying his warp signatures and outgoing broadcasts to appear as Kaa forces. Moving the battle group quickly around and making it appear as if it were a huge Kaa force heading for the core of the Frontier worlds, he caused all the alert vessels in the area to converge to one system that seemed to be the destination of this invading fleet. Frontier forces rushed to the aid of the Bollux system a vital hub of commerce and starship support believing their worst fears confirmed when no communication could be established with the system. They arrived to find the Confederate Fleet in high orbit around the planet. Fleet Admiral Blagovich addressed the Frontier forces letting them know it had been his fleet that jammed the communications and brought them here. The incensed Frontier forces threw threats and promises of retribution back at the officer. He calmly accepted it, not allowing his own officers to counter the posturing or targeting locks that began to designate his vessels. He informed the gathered Terran forces that a Kaa force was indeed in route and they could “All die in a blaze of glorious arrogance” or join him and prepare for the incoming foe. Distant sensor alert systems sounded warnings of a massive group of unidentified ships entering the system confirming the Admiral’s warning. The Frontier forces conceded and quickly prepared for assault. The commanders of the vessels even, grudgingly, gave over strategic planning of the engagement to the Confederate Admiral. Responding quickly to the Fleet admiral’s orders the combined forces met the incoming Kaa. The battle was the largest space born combat at the time in recorded Terran history. The combined forces defeated the Kaa at Bolloux costing the snakes 75% of their attack group.

2418 AD The new alliance with the Frontier worlds was turning the tide, but both their forces were stretched thin. The only thing giving the new allies the edge at the moment was the conflict in the Corporate sector that were eating up Kaa resources. But, if the Corporate forces fell or worse sued for peace, the Kaa would be free to crush the Confederate and Frontier in short order. Not in the position to spare forces in the same gambit that had proven successful with the Frontier sector the Admiral designed a different plot. The Kaa landings on Corporate worlds had proven more successful than in the Frontiers due mostly to the high control ratings of most Corporate worlds. With a populace that was not armed and not used to needing to defend themselves they offered little in the way of resistance to the occupying forces.
Moving to the boarder of Confederate space Fleet Admiral Blagovich sent a tight beamed message to Kronin space. He told them that he spoke on behalf of the Corporate Alliance and that he was empowered to broker a contract with the Kronin for mercenary forces to fight against the Kaa and liberate worlds. The Kronin responded and completed the arrangement. The stipulation that the worlds had to be freed to pay was given and accepted by the Kronin high command. Within six months of the contract being made, the three occupied worlds in Corporate space were liberated and the Kronin forces stood vigilante as representatives from the Terran sectors met to formalize a military alliance against the Kaa threat.
Although surprised by the ‘agreement’ they had apparently entered into, the Corporate interests paid the Kronin their fee with no objections.

2420 AD By coordinating their efforts the Terran sectors went on the offensive against the Kaa Empire. With a blood chilling disregard for their own forces at first, albeit mostly Gromelite and cyborg early on, the Kaa fought a loosing war. The fighting only ceased as the Terran forces neared their own Empire boaders. Then the first open communications from the Kaa began and asked for a cease fire in lieu of an agreed on armistice. The Terran forces still bloodied from the invaders initial attacks wanted to press on, but dwindling ships and resources combined with the intelligence that empire had untapped fleets softened the brutal resolve. In the first face to face meeting in Neutral space occurred between Terran representatives and the Kaa Empire. The Kaa’s behavior at this meeting left those in attendance in dull shock. The entire affair seemed only vaguely engaging to them. They made inquires about trade and chuckled at any mention of paid restoration. Only thru intervention of cooler diplomatic heads was an armistice signed.

Now, in the aftermath of this bloody struggle, the Terrans attempt to solidify their cooperative effort into the largest Alliance of worlds that the galaxy has ever seen.